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with two keyboards and a vibraphone


Artur Dutkiewicz - piano

Michał Szymanowski - piano

Karol Szymanowski - vibraphone (Bass Vibe)


The premiere performance of the program took place on November 10, 2017 at the Stanisławowski Theater in Warsaw during the IJ Paderewski International Festival.


The PADEREWSKI INSPIRATIONS project is created by an outstanding jazz pianist, improviser Artur Dutkiewicz, a vibraphone virtuoso - prof. Karol Szymanowski and the excellent classical pianist of the young generation, Michał Szymanowski.

The artists will present selected compositions by IJ Paderewski, both in the original for piano, in jazz arrangements for piano, and in the form of transcription on a specially constructed vibraphone, extended with the lowest marimba octave (Bass Vibe).

The band will also present arrangements of the master's works, made by Artur Dutkiewicz, for three instruments, which will create an inspiring, unusual color sound quality.

Individual themes from Paderewski's works are an inspiration to be developed in the form of free improvisation with the use of jazz musical language, taking advantage of the fact that musicians are also improvisers.

The main basis for creative development are Paderewski's pieces of Polish character, using folk roots, exposing Polish singing, combined

with folk rhythms. The rhythm is a common element with jazz music, which allowed to combine these two worlds, smoothly transition from one to the other to create a new, original whole using a variety of means of expression.



Polonaise in B major, Op. 9

Legend in A flat major, Op. 16

Nocturne in B flat major, Op. 16

Mazurka in A major, Op. 9

Theme Varie Op.16

Minuet in G major, Op. 14

Theme from the Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 17

A part of the program may be the performance by Michał Szymanowski, together with the orchestra, of IJ Paderewski's A minor Op. 17 piano concerto, combined with Artur Dutkiewicz's improvisations between the consecutive parts of the concert.

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