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Artur Dutkiewicz invited the Janusz Prusinowski Band - continuators of the folk music-making tradition to his project. The band plays and sings traditional mazurkas and obereks on folk instruments: violin, bass, wooden flute, Polish harmony, shawm, drum.

The concert of Artur Dutkiewicz and Janusz Prusinowski's Band is an original, dynamic combination of modern jazz with Polish folk music and singing.

An important element of the performance are jazz and folk improvisations combined

into a trance coherent whole.

Two musical worlds meet at the concert - the jazz world of Artur Dutkiewicz

and the village Kapela Janusz Prusinowski. New music is being created; very Polish, thanks to folk elements, and at the same time world-wide, thanks to the universal language of contemporary jazz.

Artur Dutkiewicz and Janusz Prusinowski "Mazurki" Trio

Warsaw / Polish Radio Studio

It was a real world music, though with a Polish, folk note, with Slavic fantasy and punch. The lyrical mood sounded

in the impressive, solo vocal part of the leader Janusz Prusinowski. The following verses of the folk song were separated by improvised piano parts. It was a very touching moment of the concert, rewarded with a storm of applause.

Marek Dusza, Rzeczpospolita 2012

Artur Dutkiewicz and the Janusz Prusinowski Band

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